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Accountancy / Finance software -- was Re: [Fsfe-uk] Re: Mac OS X refund

From: Richard Smedley
Subject: Accountancy / Finance software -- was Re: [Fsfe-uk] Re: Mac OS X refund
Date: Mon, 21 Jan 2008 23:27:28 +0000

On Mon, 2008-01-21 at 13:09 +0000, Rich Walker wrote:
> "Andrew Savory" <address@hidden> writes:
> > Accounting is the only one for which there are no "good enough" equivalents.

> Sql-Ledger and LedgerSMB solve most of the problems.

The OSC working group looking at accounting software reported at least 
20 apps in its recent Working Paper. I'd forward it here if it wasn't 
marked confidential :-(

Many of the apps covered show real promise, and some are currently
used by UK companies (in small numbers). What's needed is solid
backing for one or two of the most promising - I wonder what happens
to all of the EU money that's supposed ot benefit Free Software? :-/

> True, payroll calculations are still an issue.

[PayThyme is a great payroll app - and as Free Software, could be
made to play nicely with any chosen accounting app]

btw Our own accountant uses OOo Calc :-)

 - Richard

btw2 Getting back to the OP, someone mentioned software suspend 
     problems. Debian on the iBook suspended when the lid was
     closed and resumed within five seconds of opening. No 
     fiddling with settings, the user space power-management
     for Apple notebooks packages in Debian just works out 
     of the box. :)

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