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[Fsfe-uk] Please comment on stage 1 education

From: Sam Liddicott
Subject: [Fsfe-uk] Please comment on stage 1 education
Date: Tue, 05 Feb 2008 22:16:14 +0000
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I'm about to publish this paragraph as part of a larger piece in a community newsletter I produce, with a distribution of about 1,800 people. It will be the first introduction to free software for most readers.

Naturally it must be kept simple, and hopefully will not satisfy all questions.

I would appreciate any comments.

For those who are interested, I used the Inkscape vector drawing program to re-work the logo, and I use the Open Office word processor to produce the newsletters. Both pieces of software are free in the sense of liberty (you are positively encourage to share copies) and price (there is nothing to pay). Both pieces of software are available for Microsoft Windows (which I don't use and is not free in any sense) and GNU/Linux (which I do use and is free in both senses). As far as there being no such thing as a free lunch: good cooks like to bake and often give away cakes; good knitters like to knit and often knit for fun and share the results; good computer programmers like writing computer programs, and like to share the results too. Many programmers make intriguing use of copyright law to require that those who distribute the free software do so fairly or not at all! Many commercial software producers also find it in their best interest not to depend on tying their customers to proprietary solutions for revenue, but to focus on providing a good service. All carrot, and no stick keeps the users happy and free. For more information see the Free Software Foundation website at www.fsf.org


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