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[Fsfe-uk] Fwd: [Fsuk-manchester] Video of the FSUK talk from the 19th Fe

From: Dave Page
Subject: [Fsfe-uk] Fwd: [Fsuk-manchester] Video of the FSUK talk from the 19th February
Date: Wed, 27 Feb 2008 09:18:12 +0000
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I still think this would be interesting to people here, but now know
that the fsfe-uk list strips message/rfc822 attachments :/


----- Forwarded message from Andy Halsall -----


The video of the February 19th 2008 meeting with Stuart Langridge (also 
known as Aq) of LUGRadio fame, that took place on the at 7:30pm at 
Manchester Digital Development Agency on Portland Street is available 
for download.

Torrent : http://thepiratebay.org/search/fsuk/0/99/0

Please keep seeding if you get it, its nice and legal and if you have 
the bandwidth and the inclination it will make things that much easier.

Http (1) : http://fbsa.eu/video.html
Http (2) : http://www.pl0rt.org/fsuk/video.html - courtesy of fluffle

Please use the fbsa.eu if its serving up OK (the video is actually on 
tdobson.net) as tdobson appears to have more spare bandwidth.

*DVD / CD*

Anyone who wants any of the video files on CD/DVD email me I will try 
and sort it out, ditto if you want the original raw DV files (also by 
email, I think its about 10Gb).


Its all in English, transcript to follow, no subtitles.

*About the Quality*

This was an off the cuff recording, so the quality may vary...
The lighting is bad, I have tried to correct, but hey.
The audio was a little quiet.
The battery ran out about halfway through.
I ran out of tape after about 45 minutes.

My apologies, if there is demand then next time we can plan this properly.


Currently the video's are marked as copyright fsuk.org, I figured as I 
currently own the copyright and have kindly received signed consent from 
Stuart Langridge (made out to ICTSC Ltd - [thats all I had with me]), 
whilst simultaneously being a member of the fsuk group, I could, with a 
clear conscience transfer the said copyright to fsuk, and accept it on 
fsuk's behalf.  Any problems with that, contact me and I will do 
something different.  Obviously I don't want to have to sue myself, but 
if I have to in order to protect my rights I will.  (Copies of a written 
copyright transfer and Stuart's consent available at request).

Finally, I ended up picking the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 
2.0 UK : England & Wales as a license for these, again, any problems 
contact me and I'll change it if need be.

These videos are licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share 
Alike 2.0 UK : England & Wales, You are permitted to copy, 
distribute, transmit, publicly perform, modify or adapt this video under 
the following conditions: You must attribute the work by keeping any 
copyright and 'created by' notices in place.  For any reuse or 
distribution, you must make clear to others the license terms of this 
work. If you alter, transform, or build upon this work, you may 
distribute the resulting work only under a licence identical to this one.

Any of the above conditions can be waived if you get permission from the 
copyright holder The full text of the license is available at: 
http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/2.0/uk/ (or see LICENSE.TXT if 
you grabbed the torrent) Nothing in this license impairs or restricts 
the author's moral rights.

*More Info*

One more thing, As some of you know I am doing a video documentary thing 
about ODF and standardisation, as such I thought I would road test some 
of my documentary credits (specifically the first 30 seconds on this 
video) mainly because I figured if I was going to spend the time on it I 
might as well draw some benefit from it, and also because this is also 
CC licensed (for now at least).  So any comments on that would be most 
welcome, I know its not much, but I'd appreciate it.

*Torrent Composition*

The Files in the torrent are:
Size  File Created DTG File Name                             Description
652M  2008-02-26 10:44 FSUK_20080219_Best_Quality(PAL).ogg   The best 
quality OGG/Theora version.
170M  2008-02-26 10:44 FSUK_20080219_Mid_Quality.ogg         An 
acceptable quality OGG/Theora version.
98M   2008-02-26 16:11 FSUK_20080219_Mid_Quality.mp4         A decent 
Quality (and size) MP4 version.
39M   2008-02-26 14:56 FSUK_20080219_Low_Quality.ogg         The lowest 
quality OGG/Theora version.

4.2K  2008-02-26 20:10 .NFO                                  This file.
11K   2008-02-26 20:22 LICENSE.TXT                           Full text 
of the license.

----- End forwarded message -----

Dave Page <address@hidden>
Jabber: address@hidden

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