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RE: [Fsfe-uk] Europe funds internet TV standard

From: George Wright
Subject: RE: [Fsfe-uk] Europe funds internet TV standard
Date: Wed, 27 Feb 2008 19:54:08 -0000

 + From: address@hidden on behalf of Shane Martin Coughlan
 + Sent: Wed 2008-02-27 09:17
 + Subject: Re: [Fsfe-uk] Europe funds internet TV standard
Shane Martin Coughlan wrote:

> It's certainly an interesting project and worth keeping an eye on.
> Which is difficult, given that the site appears to be all Flash.

Ahem, yes, indeed. There's a definitely non-Flash post with more information 


I'm looking after the BBC's involvement with P2P-Next (*not* the homepage) and 
we are planning on

1) Free Software licence for all code produced, with source available.
2) Free Software clients and liasion with distributors to attempt to get these 
into ports/ repos
3) Feeding into the various communities, so that, for example, work done on 
this can benefit other Free projects

and much more.

> Then the overarching P2P research project could
> be examined to see whether it will release the final technology under
> Free Software terms.

Yes. LGPL for definite, maybe bi- or tri-licenced with other OSI/FSF approved 

I will raise the question about whether Tribler itself is entirely Free. Any 
code that isn't won't be making its way into P2P-Next.

Happy to continue this debate in person (London, Manchester, Glasgow all 
possible soon, other venues as suitable)

or by email - address@hidden


George Wright

George Wright
Executive Producer, Development
BBC Future Media and Technology

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