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Re: [FSF] Fundraiser appeal for translation

From: victorhck
Subject: Re: [FSF] Fundraiser appeal for translation
Date: Wed, 19 Jun 2019 20:17:41 +0200

El 18/6/19 a las 21:33, Dana Morgenstein escribió:
> Hello, translators! Attached is the text for our spring fundraising
> appeal, for translation. Thanks so much in advance for your help --
> hopefully this will help us draw in even more donors and new members
> from the Spanish-speaking world!

Hi listmates!

The appeal for recruiting new supporters is ready for translate.

I have upload the text in a pad service¹. Be sure to follow the GNU

I think that the best workflow is to translate each paragraph below.
Review, peer review, fix and improve the translation. And at the end
remove the english text and left only the spanish text.
do you think is ok?

Let's do the best, to help spread the free software!

Happy hacking!

[1] https://pad.april.org/p/appeal

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