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Re: [FSF] Fsfwww-translators-es-discuss Digest, Vol 83, Issue 6

From: victorhck
Subject: Re: [FSF] Fsfwww-translators-es-discuss Digest, Vol 83, Issue 6
Date: Mon, 24 Feb 2020 23:37:10 +0100

El 24/2/20 a las 16:06, Dana Morgenstein escribió:
> Hello all! My email program seems to be having problems with attachments
> -- this is the second one today that simply hasn't shown up. The version
> straight from the listserv has a lot of weird glitchy extra characters
> in it, so that won't work either. Could someone please just paste the
> content right into an email and send it directly to me? Many thanks!

Done in another mail directly to you.


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