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[Ftba-commits] Victorious in court battle just the beginning. High Incom

From: luann allen
Subject: [Ftba-commits] Victorious in court battle just the beginning. High Income
Date: Fri, 01 Dec 2006 13:12:07 -0100

Dear Lori, 

I found you just in time because I was  let go from my employment I held
for many years. Its very hard to thank you enough for establishing  me in
this new enterprise. You have given me a brand new beginning on life. 
Already realizing twice as much as I took home in my old job.  

I have a 2005 Jag. Taking home 165,000US in 18 months. Really having a
great time in this profession. Its fun and I am a hero to the judges and to
my customers. What an exciting profession to be in.

Following exactly what your instructions recommends me to do, is working
out perfectly.  I go to the court house and locate all of the customers I
can handle. 

I use your advanced reporting services to find all assets. Using your fill
in the blank forms I mail them to the appropriate firms. Then the funds
arrive to my PO Box.  Its like magic.  Its so exciting opening up the
payments as they arrive.. 

Show this letter to others.  This profession is so huge it needs many more
of us assisting the courts and the  people who have been harmed.

I can take a holiday when ever I so desire to do so.  Bahamas and river
cruise up the Rein this year. 

Burton R.    Calif.    

This might be you! 


Just above to study more or to bring to a hault receiving additional
information and then to see location

"not of great importance?" repeated harry incredulously. "professor, did
you understand - ?" . "those whom i could persuade to talk told me that
riddle was obsessed with his parentage. this is understandable, of course;
he had grown up in an orphanage and naturally wished to know how he came to
be there. it seems that he searched in vain for some trace of tom riddle
senior on the shields in the trophy room, on the lists of prefects in the
old school records, even in the books of wizarding history. finally he was
forced to accept that his father had never set foot in hogwarts. i believe
that it was then that he dropped the name forever, assumed the identity of
lord voldemort, and began his investigations into his previously despised
mother's family - the woman whom, you will remember, he had thought could
not be a witch if she had succumbed to the shameful human weakness of death.

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