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[Ftba-commits] GOOD DAY

Subject: [Ftba-commits] GOOD DAY
Date: 28 Dec 2006 01:33:43 -0000

I write this in confidence, believing that it will reach you in high spirit and I believe you will maintain the level of confidence and trust that matters of this nature requires. Before proceeding, I wish to introduce myself.
My Name is masella Alulu. I work with a financial institution in Congo. I worked for Mr David Claude a diamond dealer in Congo (DRC) for seven years as his account officer under our institution's platform. Mr Claude was a secret diamond dealer, he made a lot of money from the business. Most of his investments were abroad. His customers were mostly from the western world. I had a very close relationship with Mr Claude, He operated secret accounts which I alone was aware of.
Unfortunately Mr David Claude died of a strange illness few months ago. Before he died he deposited the sum of $3.1 million (Three Million One Hundred Thousand dollars) with a security firm in Europe which he told me then, that he wanted to invest in a new deal which was to be done in Europe. The security firm contacted me two weeks ago and requested that I submit the name of Mr Claude's next of kin, so that they would release the money deposited with them to the person. That is where you come in.You must know that I am the only one aware of this. I have been given some time to submit the name of the next of kin.
I want to introduce you to the security firm as the next of kin. So that you can claim the money deposited with the financial institution. Can you help me? Are you trustworthy? Can you handle this money? Are you capable of handling this money? If you can, please contact me. All you need to do is to claim this money from the security Company. For your assistance, you will be entitled to 30% of the total sum and 70% will be for me.
You are also obliged to help/advise on the proper and most convenient way of investing this money in your country, hopefully, You will consider this
request and respond positively.
I want to assure you that this transaction is totally safe and risk free provided you follow the instructions of the fanancial inistitution religiously. On no account will your personal security come under any form of danger as a result of this matter.
Please, email me on receipt of this mail on address@hidden

Have a lovely day while I await your positive response.
Best Regards
Masella Alulu

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