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Re: [Ftpsync] Making ftpsync more rsync like

From: Christoph Lechleitner
Subject: Re: [Ftpsync] Making ftpsync more rsync like
Date: Thu, 07 Feb 2013 12:00:12 +0100
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> I am not sure why -g and -p are needed. If there are no reasons to
> keep these I think we should mark those as obsolete and remove them in
> a release a year from now.

Distincting between GET and PUT operation based on the order of
parameters becomes unclear once config files (specified by cfg=) and
disticnt FTP parameters (ftpfoo=) come into the game.

-g and -p allow to make absolutely sure the intended sync direction is used.

I could live with loosing them in the long term, though.

> Also I need examples where it is preferable to use ftpserver=,
> ftpdir=, ftpuser=, ftppasswd= over using the FTPURL. If there are no
> reasons to keep those, I also suggest obsoleting those and remove them
> in a release a year from now.

ftppasswd= is required to allow for really arbitrary characters in the
password, say / and @.
Unfortunately some admins use those in passwords.

ftpdir= allows to specify the remote start directory relative.
Especially in huge hosting environments the absolute path to one's home
directory might eventually change, say from /home/foo to /home/f/o/o,
while the relative subdirectory of the webspace stays the same, say htdocs/

In both cases I cannot remember the last time I came accross an
occurence, though.

Regards, Christoph

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