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[fxscintilla-users] Re: FXScintilla vertical scroll bar bug

From: Gilles Filippini
Subject: [fxscintilla-users] Re: FXScintilla vertical scroll bar bug
Date: Mon, 26 Jul 2004 23:39:48 +0200
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Rafael de Pelegrini Soares a écrit :
Hi Gilles,

There is a litle bug with the vertical scroll bar in FXScintilla (I think it is present in all versions and in both linux and windows).

Reproduce it with run tests/test select the text from bottom to top let's say from "main" to "def main" now delete
the selection. The vertical bar should desapear but it is not redraw.
If you have no time to correct the bug I could try to find the source of it.

Best regards.

Hi Rafael,
Thanks for the report. I'll have a look at this bug during the week. Should be not too much work.


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