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`export' vs. `module-use!'

From: Ludovic Courtès
Subject: `export' vs. `module-use!'
Date: Thu, 25 Aug 2005 15:33:13 +0200
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Currently, the `.scm' module files generated by G-Wrap contain a
`module-use!'-based trick in order to export symbols.  This has the
undesirable side-effect of bypassing the `#:renamer' argument of
`use-modules', among other things, precisely because the module's export
list is empty:

  (module-map (lambda (s v) s)
               (resolve-module '(the g-wrap module))))
  |= ()

It turns out that the `generate-wrapset-scm' proc in `(g-wrap guile)'
contains commented-out code that uses `export' instead of the above
trick.  Why is it so?  Is there anything wrong with using `export'
instead of the `module-use!' trick?

Thanks in advance,

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