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Re: G-Wrap 1.9.9 released

From: schemer
Subject: Re: G-Wrap 1.9.9 released
Date: Wed, 24 Oct 2007 23:24:32 +0530

Hello Rotty

I just noticed that you have added the following code in file
compat.scm in version 1.9.9.

;; Hack to make WCTs nullable (null-ok) by default, as in G-Wrap 1.3.4
(define-method (make-typespec (type <gw-wct>) (options <list>))
  (next-method type (if (memq 'non-null options)
                        (cons 'caller-owned (delq 'non-null options))
                        (append '(null-ok caller-owned) options))))

It seems the module (g-wrap compat) gets loaded irrespective of
whether you want to have version 1.3.4 compatibility or not. As a
result it becomes impossinble to define non-nullable wct's.

My application for example crashes when a null(#f) is given as an
argument to some wrapped functions. For now I have solved the problem
by hacking the g-wrap installed at my site and commenting out the
above quoted code. Is there a cleaner way for me to handle such a

To make it clear I will summaries -- My application crashes when a
NULL(#f) argument is given to some functions. I want the applcation to
give an "wrong type arg" error message instead. With the code added in
the latest version compat.scm, it does not seem possible as "null-ok"
is getting added to all wct arguments by default.


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