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[Gcl-devel] Re: [Axiom-developer] axiom freebsd changes

From: Camm Maguire
Subject: [Gcl-devel] Re: [Axiom-developer] axiom freebsd changes
Date: 29 Apr 2005 11:08:37 -0400
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address@hidden writes:

> Mark, Camm,
> I completed the merge of axiom--main--1 and axiom--BSD--1.
> The build fails using the new loading scheme (in particular the
> change to CMD0 in src/boot/Makefile.pamphlet). Each generated .o
> file, when loaded, gives the following failure:
> /home/axiom--main--1--patch-33/obj/linux/boot/tyextra.o(.text+0xab4): In 
> function `init_code':
> :multiple definition of `init_code'
> /home/axiom--main--1--patch-33/obj/linux/boot/boothdr.o(.text+0x0): first 
> defined here
> I've backed out this change.

Somewhere, I think you have omitted a (setq si::*default-system-p* t)

Here is my suggestion:

   Shortly (perhaps this weekend), I'll put out a 2.6.7 for axiom.
   I'd like to hold off until gcl-tk can be fixed on Windows, but if
   this proves involved, it will wait for 2.6.8.  Included will be all
   the patches on the errata file, the server sockets patch I posted
   in preliminary form yesterday, and a backport from 2.7.0 of the
   :native-reloc entry in *features*.  Please let me know asap if I am
   forgetting anything.

   I suggest you conditionalize the new compiler::link stuff with
   #-native-reloc and treat bsd and linux identically.  Then, the more
   complicated and limited image building steps will only be triggered
   on mips,alpha.ia64 and hppa for GCL 2.6.x, and hopefully no
   platforms for 2.7.0 when it comes out.  Right now, 2.7.0 has
   :native-reloc implemented for mips and alpha. 

   The first call to compiler::link in making the 'lisp' image should
   remain across the board, as this will enable you to dispense with
   the EXTRAS manipulation and load in libspad.a from within gcl, as
   we discussed at the conference.  The other calls, generating
   bootsys, depsys, and interpsys respectively, are only required
   where :native-reloc is not provided and should be ommitted when not

   Once GCL is built, there is no difference between bsd and Linux as
   far as these considerations go.

   Once this is done, I'll be happy to put this together explicitly if

Take care,

> t
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