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Re: [Gcl-devel] Re: [Lisp] merging GCL into GCC

From: Camm Maguire
Subject: Re: [Gcl-devel] Re: [Lisp] merging GCL into GCC
Date: 10 Jun 2005 11:56:06 -0400
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[ I've tried to subscribe to the lispnyc group, but apparently have
failed.  Should I retry? ]

The beauty of this idea is that a simple yet completely servicable
integration can be had with very little effort by simply tacking on
the gcc C frontend to the end of GCL's compiler.  We can then
incrementally have the compiler emit gcc 'trees' directly in certain

What we gain here is more than optimization, I think.  We gain
mindshare and support resources for lisp going forward.  There was
quite a bit of interest in this project from regular gcc contributers
when I last suggested it -- it would be great to be able to lever some
of their outstanding expertise in the service of lisp.

I don't forsee any undue difficulties, apart from the complexity that
any such project would entail.  But really, its all just an I/O
filter :-).

I'll do it myself eventually if time permits, but ansi compliance
comes first.

Take care,

Rafael Ávila de Espíndola <address@hidden> writes:

> Em Wed 08 Jun 2005 04:30, Jay Sulzberger escreveu:
> > I think this a serious project, not small, and some variants well worth
> > doing.
> A full merge is a very big project. It would be nice to use the boehm garbage 
> collector (already in use in gcj generated code and gcc itself) and a new 
> gmp.
> What I think is doable is to integrate the build system and then start 
> converting the C code generation with GENERIC trees generation.
> > I think there has been some decent public discussion of possible
> > difficulties here.
> Do you have some interesting pointers? I would love to see them, even if they 
> refer to old gcc versions.
> > oo--JS.
> Rafael
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