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Re: [Gcl-devel] MacOS X.4

From: Camm Maguire
Subject: Re: [Gcl-devel] MacOS X.4
Date: 14 Jun 2005 19:09:14 -0400
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Antoine Hersen <address@hidden> writes:

> Hello
> I am trying to compile under 10.4 and I have the follwing error.

For some reason, /usr/include/unistd.h has taken the name
'my_sbrk'. Try replacing the name with 'my_sbrk1' throughout the

> I use --without-x but it still seem to try to compile TK support.
> Also is the linking of gmp correct ?

Most likely OK here.

Would you like to volunteer to help Aurelien look after the Mac port?
I'm unfamiliar with the platform and really could use someone who uses
the machine all the time.

Take care,

> Any ideas ?
> Thank in advance
> Antoine Hersen
> ar cq .libs/libgmp.a  assert.o compat.o errno.o extract-dbl.o insert-
> dbl.o memory.o mp_bpl.o mp_clz_tab.o mp_minv_tab.o mp_set_fns.o
> rand.o randclr.o randdef.o randlc.o randlc2s.o randlc2x.o randraw.o
> rands.o randsd.o randsdui.o version.o mpf/init.o mpf/init2.o mpf/
> set.o mpf/set_ui.o mpf/set_si.o mpf/set_str.o mpf/set_d.o mpf/set_z.o
> mpf/iset.o mpf/iset_ui.o mpf/iset_si.o mpf/iset_str.o mpf/iset_d.o
> mpf/clear.o mpf/get_str.o mpf/dump.o mpf/size.o mpf/eq.o mpf/
> reldiff.o mpf/sqrt.o mpf/random2.o mpf/inp_str.o mpf/out_str.o mpf/
> add.o mpf/add_ui.o mpf/sub.o mpf/sub_ui.o mpf/ui_sub.o mpf/mul.o mpf/
> mul_ui.o mpf/div.o mpf/div_ui.o mpf/cmp.o mpf/cmp_d.o mpf/cmp_ui.o
> mpf/cmp_si.o mpf/mul_2exp.o mpf/div_2exp.o mpf/abs.o mpf/neg.o mpf/
> set_q.o mpf/get_d.o mpf/get_d_2exp.o mpf/set_dfl_prec.o mpf/set_prc.o
> mpf/set_prc_raw.o mpf/get_dfl_prec.o mpf/get_prc.o mpf/ui_div.o mpf/
> sqrt_ui.o mpf/ceilfloor.o mpf/trunc.o mpf/pow_ui.o mpf/urandomb.o mpf/
> swap.o mpf/fits_sint.o mpf/fits_slong.o mpf/fits_sshort.o mpf/
> fits_uint.o mpf/fits_ulong.o mpf/fits_ushort.o mpf/get_si.o mpf/
> get_ui.o mpf/int_p.o mpz/abs.o mpz/add.o mpz/add_ui.o mpz/aorsmul.o
> mpz/aorsmul_i.o mpz/and.o mpz/array_init.o mpz/bin_ui.o mpz/
> bin_uiui.o mpz/cdiv_q.o mpz/cdiv_q_ui.o mpz/cdiv_qr.o mpz/
> cdiv_qr_ui.o mpz/cdiv_r.o mpz/cdiv_r_ui.o mpz/cdiv_ui.o mpz/
> cfdiv_q_2exp.o mpz/cfdiv_r_2exp.o mpz/clear.o mpz/clrbit.o mpz/cmp.o
> mpz/cmp_d.o mpz/cmp_si.o mpz/cmp_ui.o mpz/cmpabs.o mpz/cmpabs_d.o mpz/
> cmpabs_ui.o mpz/com.o mpz/cong.o mpz/cong_2exp.o mpz/cong_ui.o mpz/
> divexact.o mpz/divegcd.o mpz/dive_ui.o mpz/divis.o mpz/divis_ui.o mpz/
> divis_2exp.o mpz/dump.o mpz/fac_ui.o mpz/fdiv_q.o mpz/fdiv_q_ui.o mpz/
> fdiv_qr.o mpz/fdiv_qr_ui.o mpz/fdiv_r.o mpz/fdiv_r_ui.o mpz/fdiv_ui.o
> mpz/fib_ui.o mpz/fib2_ui.o mpz/fits_sint.o mpz/fits_slong.o mpz/
> fits_sshort.o mpz/fits_uint.o mpz/fits_ulong.o mpz/fits_ushort.o mpz/
> gcd.o mpz/gcd_ui.o mpz/gcdext.o mpz/get_d.o mpz/get_d_2exp.o mpz/
> get_si.o mpz/get_str.o mpz/get_ui.o mpz/getlimbn.o mpz/hamdist.o mpz/
> init.o mpz/init2.o mpz/inp_raw.o mpz/inp_str.o mpz/invert.o mpz/ior.o
> mpz/iset.o mpz/iset_d.o mpz/iset_si.o mpz/iset_str.o mpz/iset_ui.o
> mpz/jacobi.o mpz/kronsz.o mpz/kronuz.o mpz/kronzs.o mpz/kronzu.o mpz/
> lcm.o mpz/lcm_ui.o mpz/lucnum_ui.o mpz/lucnum2_ui.o mpz/millerrabin.o
> mpz/mod.o mpz/mul.o mpz/mul_2exp.o mpz/mul_si.o mpz/mul_ui.o mpz/
> n_pow_ui.o mpz/neg.o mpz/nextprime.o mpz/out_raw.o mpz/out_str.o mpz/
> perfpow.o mpz/perfsqr.o mpz/popcount.o mpz/pow_ui.o mpz/powm.o mpz/
> powm_ui.o mpz/pprime_p.o mpz/random.o mpz/random2.o mpz/realloc.o mpz/
> realloc2.o mpz/remove.o mpz/root.o mpz/rrandomb.o mpz/scan0.o mpz/
> scan1.o mpz/set.o mpz/set_d.o mpz/set_f.o mpz/set_q.o mpz/set_si.o
> mpz/set_str.o mpz/set_ui.o mpz/setbit.o mpz/size.o mpz/sizeinbase.o
> mpz/sqrt.o mpz/sqrtrem.o mpz/sub.o mpz/sub_ui.o mpz/swap.o mpz/
> tdiv_ui.o mpz/tdiv_q.o mpz/tdiv_q_2exp.o mpz/tdiv_q_ui.o mpz/
> tdiv_qr.o mpz/tdiv_qr_ui.o mpz/tdiv_r.o mpz/tdiv_r_2exp.o mpz/
> tdiv_r_ui.o mpz/tstbit.o mpz/ui_pow_ui.o mpz/urandomb.o mpz/
> urandomm.o mpz/xor.o mpn/mp_bases.o mpn/umul.o mpn/add.o mpn/add_1.o
> mpn/add_n.o mpn/sub.o mpn/sub_1.o mpn/sub_n.o mpn/mul_1.o mpn/
> addmul_1.o mpn/submul_1.o mpn/lshift.o mpn/rshift.o mpn/dive_1.o mpn/
> diveby3.o mpn/divis.o mpn/divrem.o mpn/divrem_1.o mpn/divrem_2.o mpn/
> fib2_ui.o mpn/mod_1.o mpn/mod_34lsub1.o mpn/mode1o.o mpn/pre_mod_1.o
> mpn/dump.o mpn/mul.o mpn/mul_fft.o mpn/mul_n.o mpn/mul_basecase.o mpn/
> sqr_basecase.o mpn/random.o mpn/random2.o mpn/sqrtrem.o mpn/get_str.o
> mpn/set_str.o mpn/scan0.o mpn/scan1.o mpn/popcount.o mpn/hamdist.o
> mpn/cmp.o mpn/perfsqr.o mpn/bdivmod.o mpn/gcd_1.o mpn/gcd.o mpn/
> gcdext.o mpn/tdiv_qr.o mpn/dc_divrem_n.o mpn/sb_divrem_mn.o mpn/
> jacbase.o mpn/sqr_diagonal.o mpq/abs.o mpq/aors.o mpq/canonicalize.o
> mpq/clear.o mpq/cmp.o mpq/cmp_si.o mpq/cmp_ui.o mpq/div.o mpq/get_d.o
> mpq/get_den.o mpq/get_num.o mpq/get_str.o mpq/init.o mpq/inp_str.o
> mpq/inv.o mpq/md_2exp.o mpq/mul.o mpq/neg.o mpq/out_str.o mpq/set.o
> mpq/set_den.o mpq/set_num.o mpq/set_si.o mpq/set_str.o mpq/set_ui.o
> mpq/equal.o mpq/set_z.o mpq/set_d.o mpq/set_f.o mpq/swap.o printf/
> asprintf.o printf/asprntffuns.o printf/doprnt.o printf/doprntf.o
> printf/doprnti.o printf/fprintf.o printf/obprintf.o printf/
> obvprintf.o printf/obprntffuns.o printf/printf.o printf/printffuns.o
> printf/snprintf.o printf/snprntffuns.o printf/sprintf.o printf/
> sprintffuns.o printf/vasprintf.o printf/vfprintf.o printf/vprintf.o
> printf/vsnprintf.o printf/vsprintf.o scanf/doscan.o scanf/fscanf.o
> scanf/fscanffuns.o scanf/scanf.o scanf/sscanf.o scanf/sscanffuns.o
> scanf/vfscanf.o scanf/vscanf.o scanf/vsscanf.o
> ranlib: file: .libs/libgmp.a(mp_clz_tab.o) has no symbols
> ranlib: file: .libs/libgmp.a(obprintf.o) has no symbols
> ranlib: file: .libs/libgmp.a(obvprintf.o) has no symbols
> ranlib: file: .libs/libgmp.a(obprntffuns.o) has no symbols
> ranlib .libs/libgmp.a
> ranlib: file: .libs/libgmp.a(mp_clz_tab.o) has no symbols
> ranlib: file: .libs/libgmp.a(obprintf.o) has no symbols
> ranlib: file: .libs/libgmp.a(obvprintf.o) has no symbols
> ranlib: file: .libs/libgmp.a(obprntffuns.o) has no symbols
> creating libgmp.la
> (cd .libs && rm -f libgmp.la && ln -s ../libgmp.la libgmp.la)
> touch gmp_all
> rm -f o/cmpinclude.h ; cp h/cmpinclude.h o
> (cd o; make all)
> gcc -I/sw/include -c -I/sw/include -Wall -DVOL=volatile -fsigned-char
> -pipe -O3 -fomit-frame-pointer  -I/Users/antoinehersen/Project/axiom/
> gcl/gcl-2.6.6/o -I../h -I../gcl-tk main.c
> main.c: In function 'initlisp':
> main.c:561: warning: implicit declaration of function
> 'gcl_init_socket_function'
> gcc -I/sw/include -c -I/sw/include -Wall -DVOL=volatile -fsigned-char
> -pipe -O3 -fomit-frame-pointer  -I/Users/antoinehersen/Project/axiom/
> gcl/gcl-2.6.6/o -I../h -I../gcl-tk alloc.c
> gcc -I/sw/include -c -I/sw/include -Wall -DVOL=volatile -fsigned-char
> -pipe -O3 -fomit-frame-pointer  -I/Users/antoinehersen/Project/axiom/
> gcl/gcl-2.6.6/o -I../h -I../gcl-tk gbc.c
> In file included from ../h/../h/protoize.h:464,
>                   from ../h/include.h:70,
>                   from gbc.c:33:
> /usr/include/unistd.h:531: error: conflicting types for 'my_sbrk'
> ../h/config.h:42: error: previous declaration of 'my_sbrk' was here
> gbc.c: In function 'enter_mark_origin':
> gbc.c:192: warning: unused variable 'np'
> gbc.c: In function 'GBC':
> gbc.c:1118: warning: format '%d' expects type 'int', but argument 3
> has type 'long int'
> make[1]: *** [gbc.o] Error 1
> make: *** [unixport/saved_pre_gcl] Error 2
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