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[gcmd-usr] 1.0.1 Released

From: Marcus Bjurman
Subject: [gcmd-usr] 1.0.1 Released
Date: 27 Jun 2003 21:48:57 -0100

Hi folks,

This new stable version is now out. Here are some of the things that
have been changed since 1.0

New features:
* Added a function similar to the rename function that is used to
  make a quick backup of a file. Press Shift+F5 to activate this
Bug fixes:
* Disabled caching for local directories and simplified
  the file-listing code. This solved some problems with
  file-lists not beeing updated i non-fam mode.
* Fixed so that using the insert key to mark files automaticly
  scrolls the file-list down when the cursor gets to the bottom.
* Entering a non-absolute destination path in the xfer-dialog
  now xfers to the current directory.


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