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[gcmd-usr] gnome-commander

From: Micha
Subject: [gcmd-usr] gnome-commander
Date: Wed, 11 May 2005 10:25:54 +0200
User-agent: Das Alpenjodeln


I like gnome-commander because t's fast and straightforward, and has 'plugin' 
(adding menu entries). I can plugin shell one-liners, and call special scripts.

Since long, I've some questions. Perhaps someone on this list can try to asnwer 
just some of them ?

It's about g.c. 1.0.1, Debian Sarge, wmaker solo session, on a standard x386 PC.

My start icon launches "gnome-commander --sm-disable -s /home"

(1) Can i tell gc to open /home in the left, and /home/works in the right pane 
at startup ?

(2) In the 'adding program' form, I couldn't find out which 'variable' i can 
use to refer to the current selection (%s didn't work) and the actual working 

(3) I setup an 'unzip' entry, but the simple command (unzip ) always extracts 
into the starting directory (in this case, /home). unzip -d works better, but 
i'd prefer to extract in the present working directory of g.c -- this is 
probably the same question as the previous one, though.
In comparison, 'pdftotext' as simple command works flavless.

(4) The 'edit mimetypes' option doesn't work here. The error output says, 

(5) Clicking an jpg image launches gimp. How can i replace 

/bin/bash: line 1: gnomecc: command not found

A search for 'gnomecc' in the package database reveals, 

capplets-data: /usr/share/applications/gnomecc.desktop
capplets-data: /usr/share/gnome-2.0/ui/gnomecc-ui.xml

So this issue occurs when starting outside a gnome-session ? 
What gnome-daemon would i have to start ?

(6) I'm still not sure which mimetype file would be edited -- /etc/mailcap, 
right ?
However, 'open with' on a zip file shows the menu entry 'unzip %s' (and i guess 
the %s is wrong) but it fails with:

cannot find or open %s, %s.zip or %s.ZIP. 

In mailcap, i have,

application/zip; /usr/bin/file-roller '%s'; test=test -n "$DISPLAY" -a -e 

So maybe gc just reads another mimetype file ?

(7) In the shell commandline at bottom, is there a command history available 
(like in mc) ?

Some undocumented features:

(a) If a directory listing fills the whole widget of a pane, i can't get the 
right-mouse context menu to create a new directory. Is there a workaround ?
(b) Moving a file with F6 without write access crashes.

(c) Also mounting crashes (not tracked by now). Maybe an issue with calling the 
kernel 2.6 'mount' ?

With a gtk-2 version in pipe, the gtk-1 may be no more activly developped ?
If so, i'd probably consider to move to the new version, too. Is it available 
for debain ?

Thanks in advance, 



ps. Why is it called 'nongnu', i mean, why should this be important at all, 
with *so* many nongnu projects globally  ?

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