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[gcmd-usr] Change location via paste

From: Didster
Subject: [gcmd-usr] Change location via paste
Date: Wed, 16 Apr 2014 21:51:48 +0100


Is there anyway in GCMD to paste a location and open it?

I am coming to GCMD from nautilus (used to be OK, but as of gnome 3.8 is
awful!!!) and also xplorer2 (sadly a windows only app).  In both apps, I
have the location "bar" where I can click each sub folder and navigate with
the mouse but also can switch the location bar into text mode (CTRL+L in
nautilus, CTRL+D on Windows) and then manually enter a location.  In my
case, I usually always do this from the clipboard, pasting in a location
and then enter to naviage.

Can the same be done in GCMD?

I know I can turn on the command window and type "cd some/path" and thats
great, but then with that window on, I seem to loose the search function
(when I type with a list item selected I would expect it to move to items
starting with that letter - but instead the text goes into the cmd window.
 I find this pretty useless, so have the cmd window off).


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