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[Geiser-users] Documentation errors in geiser/doc/cheat.texi

From: Mark Harig
Subject: [Geiser-users] Documentation errors in geiser/doc/cheat.texi
Date: Fri, 07 Jan 2011 12:58:35 -0500

In geiser/doc/cheat.texi:

1. In the Scheme buffers section, the following two lines describe the
   key bindings M-TAB and M-`/C-., respectively:

@item M-TAB
@tab geiser-completion--complete-symbol
@tab Complete identifier at point
@item M-`, C-.
@tab geiser-completion--complete-module
@tab Complete module name at point

The double hyphen is replaced with a single hyphen in the generated
.info file, so the resulting Info text reads as follows:

M-TAB geiser-completion-complete-symbolComplete identifier at point M-`, C-. geiser-completion-complete-moduleComplete module name at point

My guess is that the texinfo file has to be updated to get it to
generate two consecutive hypens instead of "helpfully" deleting one.
Also, the description of M-TAB should corrected because there is no symbol
ending in the string '-complete-symbol' in the Geiser Elisp sources:

$ cd geiser/elisp
$ grep  -e '-complete-symbol'  *.el

(The problem of the missing second hyphen occurs in numerous other
places in the Info version of the Geiser documentation. I'm not sure how to fix this since Texinfo says that this is expected behavior: three are reduced
to two and two are reduced to one.  See node: (texinfo) Conventions.
Can it be fixed in Info without breaking it in Tex/PDF or HTML?)

2. In the REPL section, the following lines describe the TAB/S-TAB/M-TAB
   key bindings:

@item TAB
@tab geiser-completion--tab
@tab Complete, indent or go to next error
@item S-TAB (backtab)
@tab geiser-completion--previous-error
@tab Go to previous error in the REPL buffer
@item M-TAB
@tab geiser-completion--complete-symbol
@tab Complete identifier at point

Using C-h k in a (guile) REPL, the following key bindings are described

TAB is bound to `geiser-repl--tab'
S-TAB is bound to `geiser-repl--previous-error'
M-TAB is bound to `geiser-repl--tab'

The comma in "Complete, indent or go to next error" should be deleted or
moved after the word "indent", and M-TAB should have the same
description as TAB, correct?

3. In the REPL section, the following lines describe the C-c C-d C-i
   key binding:

@item C-c C-d C-i
@tab geiser-doc-look-up-manual
@tab Look up manual for symbol at point

This key binding does not appear to be in effect.

M-x where-is
Where is command: geiser-doc-look-up-manual
geiser-doc-look-up-manual is not on any key

Thanks for your attention.

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