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[Geiser-users] Patches to standardize spacing between sentences

From: Mark Harig
Subject: [Geiser-users] Patches to standardize spacing between sentences
Date: Fri, 07 Jan 2011 22:46:59 -0500

The standard used in the Emacs, Guile, Texinfo, and Emacs Lisp manuals is to separate sentences (statements, questions, exclamations) with two spaces after the final punctuation (see the Info node (Emacs) Sentences). In addition to helping readability, this format allows the writer to move forward and backward between sentences using the `forward-sentence' (M-e) and `backward-sentence' (M-a) commands. If only one space is used between sentences, then these commands move the point forward and backward by paragraphs, which is already provided for with the `forward-paragraph'
(M-}) and `backward-paragraph' (M-{) commands.

Using a simple-minded sed script, I added a space between all sentences that were
separated by a single space:

$ cd geiser/doc
$ sed -r -e 's/(\.|\?|\!) /\1  /g' filename.texi > newfile.texi

and then checked the results to remove the mistakes (for example, " @ref...").

Here is a set of patch files to add the space between sentences. This is a white-space-
only change.  Once these patches have been applied, then

$ diff --ignore-space-change  original-file  new-file

should produce no output.

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