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Re: [Geiser-users] Typed Racket

From: Jose A. Ortega Ruiz
Subject: Re: [Geiser-users] Typed Racket
Date: Fri, 12 Oct 2012 19:42:34 +0200
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On Fri, Oct 12 2012, Paulo J. Matos wrote:

> Hello,
> So, I am trying to develop a Typed Racket module with Emacs 24.1,
> Geiser 0.2.2. However, I am having trouble understanding how do you
> actually send the typed racket module to the repl (which is in racket
> mode) or starting the repl in typed mode.
> What's the workflow for typed racket with geiser?

You can compile the module when you're in its buffer as you would with a
non-typed one (e.g., C-c C-t for the whole buffer, C-x C-e for a single
expression, etc.).  All these evaluations happen inside your (typed)
module.  To make the REPL enter in your module's namespace, you can for
instance use C-u C-c C-z in the Racket buffer, or ',enter
"path/to/file.rkt"' in the REPL.

Currently, the top level of the REPL (the one with prompt racket@>) is
always untyped (perhaps an optional typed top-level would be useful).

Hope this helps,
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things against one behind one’s back that are absolutely and entirely
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