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[Geiser-users] issues with unicode

From: Darren Hoo
Subject: [Geiser-users] issues with unicode
Date: Sun, 16 Jun 2013 06:56:52 +0800
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Emacs started by launched on Mac OSX (eg, click the Emacs icon on the
dock) does not set locales correctly according to user's current locale
setting, ie, locales falls back to POSIX or C. 

This causes Guile started by geiser switch to POSIX too, because the coding
system (encoding and decoding) of the guile process is set to
(iso-latin-1 . iso-latin-1)  according to `default-process-coding-system' 
which I think is guessed from locale setting.

This is annoying because if there are unicode strings in the code or
repl, things stop working. 

I know it is the locale setting that should be blamed, I wonder if it is
safe to force the communication between geiser and guile to use UTF-8
regardless of the locale setting, ie setting the process coding system
to (? . utf-8).

That being said, I think when geiser is talking to a remote Guile, it
should definitely use UTF-8, on the emacs side setting the process code
system to utf8 and on the Guile side: 

   (set-port-encoding! (current-input-port) "UTF-8") 
   (set-port-encoding! (current-output-port) "UTF-8") 
   (set-port-encoding! (current-error-port) "UTF-8") 

Any ideas about this?

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