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[Geiser-users] Bug(?): unbound identifier in scheme/racket/geiser/module

From: Richard Lawrence
Subject: [Geiser-users] Bug(?): unbound identifier in scheme/racket/geiser/modules
Date: Sun, 22 Sep 2013 10:04:04 -0700
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Hi Geiser folks,

I am not a regular user of Geiser, but I am trying to get familiar with
it and ran into what looks like a bug this morning.  I pulled from the
repo to update my installation and it looks like commit
1551885d929463723748b81e9bfab07bde0d1f47 introduced some bad code.


scheme/racket/geiser/modules.rkt: module-path-name->name contains an
unbound reference to "~a" (in the last two cond clauses).

"~a" looks like it's supposed to refer to a function but apparently does
not in my setup.  This throws an error and prevents geiser from
recognizing the REPL prompt when I M-x run-geiser.

(If the problem is somehow in my setup, apologies for the noise!  Is
there a function called "~a" which is supposed to be imported by this
module but which is perhaps missing from my Racket installation?  If so,
why don't I get an import error, instead of an unbound identifier error?) 

Hope that's helpful. Thanks!

Richard Lawrence

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