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[Geiser-users] problem with Racket macros in Geiser

From: Vlad Kozin
Subject: [Geiser-users] problem with Racket macros in Geiser
Date: Thu, 3 Oct 2013 14:56:31 -0400

Here's a code I'm having trouble with when sent into Geiser repl:

#lang racket

(define-syntax-rule (run-command body)

(define-syntax-rule (command shell-version body)
    (printf "~a\n" shell-version)
    (run-command body)))

(command "echo 'hello'" (display "hello"))

When loaded into Geiser repl with C-c C-a produces nothing, but should produce:
echo 'hello'

Trying to invoke the form in repl by saying (command "foo" any) results in:
command: undefined;
 cannot reference an identifier before its definition

Works in DrRacket. Any idea, what the problem is here?

Vlad Kozin <address@hidden>

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