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[Geiser-users] geiser-mode won't load for .scm files in guile scheme pro

From: Vlad Kozin
Subject: [Geiser-users] geiser-mode won't load for .scm files in guile scheme project
Date: Thu, 31 Oct 2013 11:49:49 -0400

Hi, I'm just copy pasting stuff I posted on IRC #geiser channel. Hope, somebody can provide assistance.

<vkz> hi. I use geiser to work my way through some project written in guile
      scheme. All files in the same directory, in fact in the same git
      repo. All with ".scm" extensions. Yet for some files geiser-mode doesn't
      start. Even though the value of `geiser-implementations-alist' correctly
      maps .scm to guile. I can fix this by explicitly adding project dir to
      geiser--alist of course, but something isn't right here. Also, M-. fails
      to find                                                           [11:25]
<vkz> definitions in the the same project :(
<vkz> geiser-implementations-alist (((regexp "\\.scm$") guile) ((regexp
      "\\.ss$") racket) ((regexp "\\.rkt$") racket))                    [11:26]
<vkz> would appreciate some assistance in fixing this. Particularly the
      M-. missing stuff that's there. Without it I'll rgrep myself to the
      grave :(                                                          [11:28]
<vkz> oh, it seems geiser doesn't consult geiser-implementations-alist at
      all. I just added the directory explicitly by running:            [11:44]
<vkz>                                                                   [11:45]
<vkz> (add-to-list 'geiser-implementations-alist
<vkz>              '((dir "/Users/vkz/work/guile-scsh") guile))
<vkz> and it still doesn't start on many scm files

Vlad Kozin <address@hidden>

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