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[Geiser-users] getting/debugging errors not in response to evaluating ex

From: James Mckernon
Subject: [Geiser-users] getting/debugging errors not in response to evaluating expressions in Chicken
Date: Tue, 11 Jul 2017 15:47:38 +0100

I'm experimenting with using geiser with chicken. The project I'm
currently working on uses a game library, hypergiant, which spawns a
graphical window and does game-like things in it (drawing graphics,
processing input, etc). If an error occurs in one of these processes
(rather than directly from evaluating expressions from the buffer or
REPL) then it seems that when I am running csi (the chicken
interpreter) directly, it will display a backtrace for the error, but
it seems that this information can't be accessed from within geiser.

For instance, if I press a key in hypergiant's window that is bound to
a function with an error, csi will display the following:

Warning (#<thread: thread337>): in thread: unbound variable: foo

        Call history:

        glls-renderable.scm:502: gl-utils-mesh#mesh-n-indices
        glls-renderable.scm:508: get-arg
        glls-renderable.scm:486: get-keyword
        glls-renderable.scm:488: default
        glls-renderable.scm:508: set-renderable-offset!
        glls-renderable.scm:53: address->pointer
        glls-renderable.scm:482: symbol->string
        glls-renderable.scm:482: string->keyword
        glls-renderable.scm:516: get-arg
        glls-renderable.scm:486: get-keyword
        glls-renderable.scm:515: set-renderable-uniform-value!
        glls-renderable.scm:57: f32vector?
        glls-renderable.scm:62: s32vector?
        glls-renderable.scm:67: u32vector?
        glls-renderable.scm:72: pointer?
        glls-renderable.scm:518: loop           <--

Does anyone know how I can access this sort of information from within
geiser? It would be very helpful for my development.

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