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I/O in geiser-eval-buffer

From: Vladimir Nikishkin
Subject: I/O in geiser-eval-buffer
Date: Sat, 18 Jan 2020 11:17:20 +0800

Hello, everyone

I have the following tiny example:
(display "hello")

I also have guile running in run-geiser

M-x geiser-eval-buffer RET doesn't work. Or, rather, it works in a weird way.
After I type the command, Emacs locks.
I can then C-g and switch to the REPL buffer, and type
The parentheses are shown, but "hi" isn't.
Then I C-g again, and the repl shows:
((result "(hello)") (output . "hello"))
typeset in red.

So I am not really able to debug anything interactive with geiser.
Can evaluation be made asynchronous?

Yours sincerely, Vladimir Nikishkin

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