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Re: [Getfem-users] Problems with icare

From: renard
Subject: Re: [Getfem-users] Problems with icare
Date: Thu, 10 Aug 2006 16:11:46 +0200
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Quoting John Burnell <address@hidden>:

> Hi
> I recently downloaded getfem++ 2.0.1 and compiled it. I tried a couple
> of the test programs and they worked okay. I then tried to run the
> navier-stokes solver icare (in contrib/icare). The program failed with a
> "dimension mismatch" error.
> I tried to find the problem with the debugger and found a problem in the
> proper_update routine in icare.h - the indices vector was not being
> cleared so each time proper_update was called, indices grew larger and
> larger.
> Fixing that problem gave another "dimension mismatch" error, but I don't
> understand this one. It occurs when on the first call of
>  getfem::standard_solve(MSM, mixed_dyn, iter);
> on line 480 of This then results in a call sequence
> mdpb.compute_tangent_matrix  at line 446 of getfem_model_solvers.h
> pb.compute_tangent_matrix at line 363 of getfem_model_solvers.h
> pb.compute_tangent_matrix at line 363 of getfem_model_solvers.h
> ((mdbrick_abstract*)sub_bricks[i])->compute_tangent_matrix(MS, i1, j1);
> at line 473 of getfem_modeling.h
> ((mdbrick_abstract*)sub_bricks[i])->compute_tangent_matrix(MS, i1, j1);
> at line 473 of getfem_modeling.h
> do_compute_tangent_matrix(MS, i0, j0); at line 477 of getfem_modeling.h
> gmm::copy(get_B(), gmm::sub_matrix(MS.tangent_matrix(), SUBI, SUBJ)); at
> line 1569 of getfem_modeling.h
> Which is where the dimension mismatch occurs.  The first matrix has
> dimension of 786x1 and the second 1572x1.
> At the moment I don't understand exactly what this sequence of calls is
> doing, so I thought I would ask if anyone knows what is going on?
> I have compiled getfem++ under Linux and  Windows with Mingw and get the
> same error.

I think the problem is due to the fact that we made the getfem++ archive with a
non working (someone worked on the files at the corresponding period).
Could you please try to download the icare's files from the gna repository:

and see if it better works ?



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