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[Getfem-users] problem on make check

From: Daniele Bettella
Subject: [Getfem-users] problem on make check
Date: Wed, 11 Jun 2008 11:53:43 +0200

Hi, I'm trying to compile getfem with parallel support, I'm using this configure script

./configure --prefix=${GETFEMDIR} --enable-shared
            --enable-python --with-pic
            CXXFLAGS="-I${TRILINOSDIR}/include -D GETFEM_PARA_LEVEL=2 -I${MUMPSDIR}/include"
            MUMPS_LIBS="-L${MUMPSDIR}/lib -lcmumps -ldmumps -lsmumps -lzmumps -lpord"
            LDFLAGS="-L${TRILINOSDIR}/lib -lepetra -ltriutils -laztecoo -lteuchos
                              -L${METISDIR} -lmetis -lparmetis -L${MUMPSDIR}/lib -ldmumps
                              -lcmumps -ldmumps -lsmumps -lzmumps -lpord -llapack
                              -L${BLACSDIR} -lblacsF77 -lblacs -lblacsC"
                              CC=mpicc CXX=mpicxx F77=mpif77

Getfem compilation works fine, but on make check I have the following error message when compiling elastostatic:
/home/bettella/trilfem/mumps/lib/libdmumps.a(dmumps_part3.o)(.text+0xbd54): In function `dmumps_270_':
: undefined reference to `numroc_'

many other undef reference follow, they all seem to be reffered to blacs routines, mumps was installed with the following (for what regards blacs)
BLACSFINIT = /home/bettella/trilfem/blacs/blacsF77.a
BLACSCINIT = /home/bettella/trilfem/blacs/blacsC.a
BLACSLIB   = /home/bettella/trilfem/blacs/blacs.a

mumps compiles fine and the tests run ok

I know my configure script for getfem is a little messy, but I'm struggling to find a solution fort this problem...
any help would be very appreciated.


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