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[Getfem-users] problems on "generic elliptic" brick

From: marco trevisan
Subject: [Getfem-users] problems on "generic elliptic" brick
Date: Tue, 30 Sep 2008 16:55:33 +0200

I'm sorry to post a second time essentially the same problem, but I
can't find any tip in the matlab-interface user manual.
I would like to define (the problem is 2D), in the "generic elliptic"
brick, the coefficient A=A(x,y) as a 2x2 matrix.
Because of the essence of the problem, this matrix function has to be
defined pointwise (i.e. it does not have an "easy" analytical
representation), assigning the values of the matrix for each node of
the mesh (each dof).
Any hints for getting this working are most welcome.

Thank you in advance!

marco trevisan

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