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[Getfem-users] Problem regarding 64bit + Matlab

From: Arvind Ajoy
Subject: [Getfem-users] Problem regarding 64bit + Matlab
Date: Wed, 26 Nov 2008 23:54:04 +0530

Dear Users

Sorry to trouble you with a problem that has already been reported on this list! However, I am unable to solve
the problem using the solution given therein. For reference,
please see Dr Scorretti 's post here

I am trying to compile getfem++-3.1 on a 64 bit Debian system with Matlab-7.4 I get the following error

??? Function "mxGetIr_700" is obsolete in file "compat32.cpp", line 247.
(64-bit mex files using sparse matrices must be rebuilt with the "-largeArrayDims" option. 
See the R2006b release notes for more details.)

Error in ==> gf_asm at 139

I have tried Dr Julien's solution of editing the getfem++/interface/src/matlab/ file, doing
a search&replace of
$(MEX) -output gf_matlab
$(MEX) -output gf_matlab -largeArrayDims

I have recompiled after this.

Unfortunately, the problem doesnt seem to get solved.

Can someone help me on this?


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