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[Getfem-users] SuperLU Solver error

From: Jorge Ballesteros
Subject: [Getfem-users] SuperLU Solver error
Date: Thu, 28 Oct 2010 11:32:15 +0100

Hello Everyone!

First of all i'd like to introduce myself, my name is Jorge and i am working on a surgical simulation project. I have been looking for an open source FEM library that i could use for simulating elastic deformations. After an evaluation process i have decided to go for this lib!

Based on test, i have performed a test using a simple cube surface (triangle elements) mesh (8 points, 12 convexes). I have succesfully imported the mesh and generated the mesh_fem objects (m_u and m_rhs) defining its qdim to 3 (i want to simulate the deformation vector) and "FEM_PK(2,1)". The integration method has been set "IM_TRIANGLE(6)".

Trying to solve the equation with a gravitational force, Dirichlet Boundary conditions for each point:

for (int i = 0; i < (numberOfDOFs/N); ++i) {
    gmm::copy(f, gmm::sub_vector(F, gmm::sub_interval(i*N, N)));

// Volumic source term brick.
int numberOfDOFs = this->RHS->nb_dof();
plain_vector F(numberOfDOFs);
this->Model->add_initialized_fem_data("VolumicData", *(this->RHS), F);
getfem::add_source_term_brick(*(this->Model),*(this->IntegrationMethod), "u", "VolumicData");

// Dirichlet condition
plain_vector F2(numberOfDOFs);
this->Model->add_initialized_fem_data("DirichletData", *(this->RHS), F2);
getfem::add_Dirichlet_condition_with_multipliers(*(this->Model), *(this->IntegrationMethod), "u", *(this->FEM), 0, "DirichletData");

I get the following error:

Trace 2 in, line 1658: Source term assembly for Dirichlet condition
terminate called after throwing an instance of 'gmm::gmm_error'
  what():  Error in, line 214 void gmm::SuperLU_solve(const gmm::csc_matrix<T, 0>&, T*, T*, double&, int) [with T = double]:
SuperLU solve failed: info=25

I'd really appreciate any hint on this.


Jorge Ballesteros

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