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Re: [Getfem-users] Assembling wave equation for calculating eigenmodes

From: Louis Kovalevsky
Subject: Re: [Getfem-users] Assembling wave equation for calculating eigenmodes
Date: Sun, 1 Dec 2013 15:43:08 +0000

Dear Johnathan,

When using finite element, you are solving the governing equation (in your case, the Maxwell equation) using a weak formulation. 
The discretisation of the unknown field injected into the weak formulation leads to an algebraical system. It seems to me that you're not using a weak formulation.
The weak formulation for maxwell problem is:
" find E in H(curl) such as for any E' in H(curl)
\int_\Omega -omega/c^2 E.E' + curlE curlE' dx=0 "

the first part correspond to the "mass matrix" M, the second to the "stiffness matrix" K
you get the mode by taking the eigen vector of (M^-1 K).

I have the following code, but unfortunatelly the stiffness matrix doesn't work. I am still trying to find out why.

mf = gf_mesh_fem(m,3);
M=gf_asm('volumic','M(#1,#1)+=comp(vBase(#1).vBase(#1))(:,k,:,k)', mim,mf);

K=gf_asm('volumic','M(#1,#1)+=comp(vGrad(#1).vGrad(#1))(:,2,3,:,2,3)+comp(vGrad(#1).vGrad(#1))(:,3,2,:,3,2)-comp(vGrad(#1).vGrad(#1))(:,2,3,:,3,2)-comp(vGrad(#1).vGrad(#1))(:,3,2,:,2,3)+comp(vGrad(#1).vGrad(#1))(:,3,1,:,3,1)+comp(vGrad(#1).vGrad(#1))(:,1,3,:,1,3)-comp(vGrad(#1).vGrad(#1))(:,3,1,:,1,3)-comp(vGrad(#1).vGrad(#1))(:,1,3,:,3,1)+comp(vGrad(#1).vGrad(#1))(:,1,2,:,1,2)+comp(vGrad(#1).vGrad(#1))(:,2,1,:,2,1)-comp(vGrad(#1).vGrad(#1))(:,1,2,:,2,1)-comp(vGrad(#1).vGrad(#1))(:,2,1,:,1,2)', mim,mf);

I hope it will help you.

Best Regards

Louis Kovalevsky

On 1 Dec 2013, at 10:18, Jonathan Yik <address@hidden> wrote:


I have been trying to calculate the eigenmodes of light travelling through a dielectric waveguide.  To do this, I have been using the assembly tools for arbitrary matrices.  However, when I attempt to solve for eigenvectors of the stiffness matrix using ARPACK, I do not get sensible results.

I have been attempting to generate matrices for the Maxwell Wave equation using:

Del^2 Psi - (omega^2 / c^2 ) Psi 

For the first term, I simply use the laplacian given in the getfem documentation:  M(#1, #1)+=comp(Grad(#1).Grad(#1))(:,k,:,k).  However, I am unsure as to how I should generate the second term.  However, I am not sure how to generate the second term in the equation.  Previously, I have used: (comp(Base(#1).Base(#1).Base(#2))(:,:,j).h(j)).  Another technique I have considered was to take the vector generated by interpolating the data set representing (omega^2 / c^2 ), converting the elements of the vector to elements of a diagonal matrix, and simply adding the result to the matrix of the first term.  Could anyone tell me if either of these approaches is correct, or if the correct procedure is some method that I have not yet thought of?


Johnathan Yik
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