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[Getfem-users] Large Sliding Contacts

From: Pablo Arturo Alvarez Corrales
Subject: [Getfem-users] Large Sliding Contacts
Date: Tue, 2 Apr 2019 10:41:28 +0200

Dear getfem users,

I've been trying to implement an elastostatic problem with contacts using the python wrapper for GetFEM v5.3. At first, I tried the contact bricks with non-matching meshes without any issues. However, since my problem considers large deformation, this approximation to contacts is not satisfying. 

I then tried the large sliding large deformation contact brick as following:

md.add_filtered_fem_variable('lambda_n', mfu, CONTACT) 
contact_bid = md.add_integral_large_sliding_contact_brick_raytracing('r', release_dist)
md.add_slave_contact_boundary_to_large_sliding_contact_brick(contact_bid, mim, CONTACT, 'u', 'lambda_n')
md.add_master_contact_boundary_to_large_sliding_contact_brick(contact_bid, mim_c, CONTACT_C, 'u_c')

where u, u_c, CONTACT and CONTACT_C represent the displacements and contact boundaries for the slave and master meshes respectively. 

Even though I get no errors at solving, the result appears to be incorrect. After deformation, penetration between slave and master meshes is significant, and changing the release distance for the raytracing transformation does not seem to help (here I used three times the mean element size). Also, I get a bunch of these in the console:

Level 1 Warning in, line 47: Inverted element !-0.20579

I did read the note in the documentation saying that the brick is not working. However, it does not specify for which version so I wanted to be sure. 

Is this brick working properly and if not, is there any version of GetFEM in the repository that has one working version ?

Thank you in advance,


PD. Keep up the good work, this is an amazing library !

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