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Boundary integral in

From: Heungson Lee
Subject: Boundary integral in
Date: Fri, 17 Apr 2020 15:17:18 +0900

Dear getfem users. 

I am new to getfem and trying to understand "" included in the source code package. And I am having a trouble understanding how boundary integrals work.

As far as I could tell, since the spatial dimension is 2 in this example, the boundary defined by zero levelset consists only of lines.

However, the code in line 94 says that the integration points on a triangle are used, 

mim_bound = gf.MeshIm('levelset',mls,'boundary(a+b)', gf.Integ('IM_TRIANGLE(6)'))

and  gf.Integ('IM_TRIANGLE(6)') is in python

gfInteg object IM_TRIANGLE(6)Cubature method in dimension 2 with 12 Gauss points

So, I am confused here. How does this relate to boundary (line) integral?

Thank you in advance.

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