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How to build with MUMPS?

From: edgar
Subject: How to build with MUMPS?
Date: Fri, 02 Apr 2021 16:44:11 +0000
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I would like to know if someone can help me to build with MUMPS, please. I have been trying with both the git (9ac4e7f2) and 5.4.1 tar-ball. If I use


It tells me that it could not find smumps_c (I do have smumps_c.h). Then, if I add (with or without --with-mumps-include-dir)

--with-mumps="-lcmumps -ldmumps -lmumps_common -lpord -lsmumps -lzmumps"

it tells me

    unrecognized option: `-ldmumps'

I also tried

    ./    # with sources from Git (skipped for tar-ball)
export MUMPS_LIBS="-lcmumps -ldmumps -lmumps_common -lpord -lsmumps -lzmumps"
    LIBS="$MUMPS_LIBS" ./configure --prefix=/usr \
                      --with-pic \
--with-mumps="-lcmumps -ldmumps -lmumps_common -lpord -lsmumps -lzmumps" \
              --enable-qhull \
              --enable-superlu \
              --enable-openmp \
              --enable-blas-interface \
              --enable-metis \
              --enable-shared \
              --enable-python \
              --docdir=/usr/share/doc/${pkgname} \
              --datadir=/usr/share \
              --bindir=/usr/bin \

Could someone help me a bit, please? Thanks.

Parabala GNU/Linux 5.11.2-gnu-1
MUMPS 5.3.5

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