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(E field | current) circulation

From: Egor Vtorushin
Subject: (E field | current) circulation
Date: Mon, 19 Jul 2021 13:59:14 +0700

Dear  Yves,
Do you have any hints how to manage 1D integral over a loop containing simplex' or quad' edges.
Let  I have an electrical field(or current ) computed in   simplex or quad mesh nodes. Then i need to calculate the field circulation over edge-loop for each face according to Stokes' theorem/formula
There is an obsoleted  function

Synopsis: [E,C] = Mesh.edges(self [, CVLST][, ‘merge’])

[OBSOLETE FUNCTION! will be removed in a future release]

Return the list of edges of mesh M for the convexes....

Maybe  there is a way to utilize the Mesh.edges function or another way? 
Regards, Egor Vtorushin

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