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E field conversation from Nodal to Edge

From: Egor Vtorushin
Subject: E field conversation from Nodal to Edge
Date: Fri, 17 Sep 2021 15:53:30 +0700

Dear  Yves,
Do you have any hints on how to make a conversation from Nodal mesh fem to Edge mesh fem on the same mesh?
Let we have  ONESIMPLMESH that is 3D mesh with only one 4 vertex simplex(for sake of simplicity)
There are two mesh fems

mfNODAL  .set_fem(gf.Fem("FEM_PK(3,1)"))


mfEDGE = gf.MeshFem( ONESIMPLMESH  ,3)

Assume we have some three component electric(or else) field defined(evaluated or calculated) in mfNODAL  nodes
In our case it is length of 12 vector - 3 field components in 4 nodes
Now i want to translate this field to mfEDGE mesh fem and gets length of 6 vector- values defined on each edge of the one simplex
I know that it works some basic algebra like for 0-th component of  mfEDGE field E
 E0 =,(PTS[1]-PTS[0]))/2
here (E0 stands for edge and N0,N1 stands for nodal)
But I am interested if there is some way to implement it via generic assembly procedures?
Regards, Egor Vtorushin

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