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Re: compute node normal on exterior surface of mesh

From: Konstantinos Poulios
Subject: Re: compute node normal on exterior surface of mesh
Date: Fri, 4 Feb 2022 09:37:16 +0100

Dear Anne-Cecile

It is easy to get averaged normals on a mesh_fem:

m=gf.Mesh("load", "ladder.mesh")
mf.export_to_vtu("normals.vtu", mf, U, "Normals")


you can then interpolate U on some given points with computer_interpolate_on.

However, I would rather recommend a solution with faces rather than points. Averaging unit vectors leads in general to non-unit vectors. Moreover, points in general do not make sense in a physical world. Surfaces and volumes do. I would recommend you to use the outer_faces_with_direction function. For example with


you can define a region with outer normals pointing approximately in the positive Y direction.

Best regards

On Thu, Feb 3, 2022 at 12:22 AM Lesage,Anne Cecile J <> wrote:

Dear all


I see in the python documentation that  the mesh class has a function normal_of_face


I would like to compute the mean normal at node points (mean of the faces normal to which this point belong) on the exterior surface of the mesh

I have the list of those points id


This is to do a direction test for setting boundary conditions


Thank you





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