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[gforth] Hello Everybody

From: Jason Damisch
Subject: [gforth] Hello Everybody
Date: Sat, 9 Jul 2011 09:52:16 -0700 (PDT)

I just subscribed to this mailing list yesterday.

My name is Jason Damisch.  I have experience using Forth.  I have used 
Win32Forth, and Forthmacs. 

What prompted me to join is that I wish to create some custom scripts.  I have
been a website designer for about 5 years now, and wish to improve my skills.  I
have the most experience with Forth, and wish to continue to use it.  I want to 
how to write scripts in gforth.  One idea is to duplicate the functionality of 
Matts Perl
form script.  I very much want to figure out how to access the CGI variables.  
So, the
second task after getting the 'hello' world script to run will be to pull out 
the variables
passed to gforth from a form, and then to act on them.

An idea in my mind is that if I can compile my program and then create another 
executable, then I will save some time on the server because I won't need to 
a script everytime it runs.   Also, I want my new forth executable to just run 
my program,
and to make the forth command line unavailable to help prevent hacking.  I 
assume that
a gforth web application can be made to be very secure.  Especially if I don't 
put anything
else on my dedicated hosting computer which might be hackable such as PHP or 
or SQL

What is going on is that I have been unable to get this script to run on my 

#! /home/jason90/public_html/cgi-bin/gforth-fast.exe

 .( Content-type: text/html) cr cr

 .( hello)

I contacted my hosting company, and they have not been helpful. They told me 
that I
do not have permission to run an executable on shared hosting.   I tried to 

gforth to the /usr/bin/ directory using  PSCP but was denied permission.

I look forward to using this mailing list.

Thank You


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