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Re: [gforth] Strange behavior of f! etc.

From: David Kuehling
Subject: Re: [gforth] Strange behavior of f! etc.
Date: Mon, 13 Feb 2012 02:10:34 +0100
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>>>>> "Charles" == Charles G Montgomery <address@hidden> writes:

> On Sunday 12 February 2012 6:22:20 PM Marcel Hendrix wrote:
>> What has changed? It appears something is wrong with array indexing.
>> However, the official Gforth files from the FSL
>> ( are used?  X-Online-Scanned:
>> by Cloudmark authority (on
>> I have append all three files under question.
>> Sequences of pi xx{ 1 } f!  xx{ 1 } f@ f. seem to work.  Putting it
>> inside a do loop in a definition fails as shown.
>> -marcel ....

> This doesn't seem to happen with just gforth rather than gforth-fast.
> (Debian Version: 0.7.0+ds1-6 ) I see David Kuehling <address@hidden>
> finds this too.

Do you say you can reproduce the bug report on debian i386 with
gforth-fast?  For me the bug doesn't happen at all, neither with
gforth-fast nor gforth.  But then I didn't try a i386 version of gforth
(only amd64 and 32-bit mipsel).


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