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[gforth] common file paths for Linux and Windows?

From: Marcos Cruz
Subject: [gforth] common file paths for Linux and Windows?
Date: Tue, 9 Jul 2013 17:28:45 +0200
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I'm planning to distribute the sources of some programs written in
Gforth (an interactive fiction framework and some demo games written
with it). My OS is Debian, but I guess most of the (few) potential users
run Windows (and of course never heard of Forth). I want the program to
be easy to use in any OS with Gforth installed: simply type "gforth
whatever.fs" in the unpacked directory (or just execute "./whatever.fs"
on Linux).

Well, I have searched and "grepped" the Gforth's sources and manual, but
I've found no reference to configurable separators in path files, except
the word 'pathsep?' in <cross.fs>.  I've tried backslashes and they

Is there any way to make file paths work in both environments?  Maybe an
inner defered word that can be hooked? Or do I have to do it myself in
my programs, detect the hosting OS and then choose the proper paths?

Thank you.



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