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[gforth] bernd's signature for play store?

From: Joel Rees
Subject: [gforth] bernd's signature for play store?
Date: Sun, 24 Aug 2014 02:00:34 +0900


I know you are busy, but it would make me feel much more comfortable
with pulling down the android app if there were some way to connect
your identity in Google's Play Store with your identity on your home
page and in the gforth project pages.

I've almost tied the 0.7.9 git repository with the source code for the
Android version, and your messages on this list are good
semi-out-of-band confirmation, but I'd really like, uhm, ...

Shoot. You know, I don't know if there is anything that could really
be done for this with the Play Store infrastructure.

Is there?

Joel Rees

Be careful where you see conspiracy.
Look first in your own heart.

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