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Re: [gforth] Accessing serial port handshaking

From: Jerry DeLisle
Subject: Re: [gforth] Accessing serial port handshaking
Date: Sun, 12 Oct 2014 16:44:26 -0700
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On 10/12/2014 02:27 PM, Bernd Paysan wrote:
Am Sonntag, 12. Oktober 2014, 10:13:15 schrieb Jerry DeLisle:
In Gforth git head, there's unix/serial.fs (not in 0.7.3).

Oh Thank you Bernd, I did not realize.

By the way, I do gfortran maintenance and do have an FSF assignment, so let
me know if there are some easier tasks that perhaps I can help with here.

Looking through the documentation and complaining about which files apparently
have something interesting in them and aren't documented (or where the
documentation is to terse to understand) is probably the most important job
right now (planning for the 0.8 release), and the one where somebody with not
too much inside-knowledge is best at ;-).

I have some experience with Forth from the early 80's when I wrote my own interpreter. It was hand assembled and very fast. As I recall, I hashed the dictionary into about 16 threads and wrote the entire interpreter main loop in assembly. ... well, enough said there.

I have been bouncing around in the gForth manual today just trying to figure out some basic stuff.

It is difficult. I am rusty with Forth for sure. I have done some documentation on gfortran and so I am a little familiar with the doc file formats. Let me cogitate for a bit and develop a plan. I am certain the documentation is the greatest need.

I will need guidance from developers about how things work or are to be used. Its use cases that are needed I think. Hope you don't mind me bugging you.


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