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[gforth] gforth documentation

From: Jerry DeLisle
Subject: [gforth] gforth documentation
Date: Sun, 19 Oct 2014 14:22:35 -0700
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Hi all,

Since I have been getting up to speed using gforth by using the manual, I see some things I would like to fix. Before I start into it I want to make sure we have agreement:

I am using the on-line manual rather than the pdf or info versions. I assume they are similar and generated from the same source files. When I built the latest trunk from a snapshot I grabbed, I noticed an error in the documentation build. I am not sure what that is, but will explore further.

I would like to adjust the fonts and font sizes to be more readable. The Forth words need to stand out a bit better. I will submit examples of what I come up with before doing this.

Stack comments need to have the familiar ( -- ) format and spacing between items in those comments adjusted. Right now the forth words sort of run right into the stack comments without much space. Its hard to tell where the stack comment begins and ends.

Are the stack comments being pulled directly from the Forth source? That might be useful.

Some paragraph alignments might help with readability.

As I go through each file, I will be looking for readability and understanding. I will edit if I think it needs it. What review approval process do you want followed here? Can I get write access to the repository assuming I have earned some trust? Folks on the gfortran team can probably vouch for me. I do have gcc write after approval access.

What areas do you think need attention? Are there missing sections in the documentation?

This is enough to get started, so feed back will be appreciated.

BTW I am successfully writing data to my USB serial port using serial.fs.



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