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[gforth] Possible oof.fs issue!

From: Philip Smith
Subject: [gforth] Possible oof.fs issue!
Date: Wed, 24 Dec 2014 16:07:31 -0700

Playing around with object stuff and found that oof.fs and oofsampl.fs cause the vocs word to work incorretly!

Following is what i did in version 0.7 gforth:

require oof.fs
require oofsampl.fs

Following is what happens after the vocs command is issued:

:3: Invalid memory address
$B6991B80 @
$B69948A8 >does-code
$B6991684 interpret/compile?
$B69916E8 (cfa>int)
$B69917E8 (x>int)
$B699BB18 name>int.
$B699BC40 .voc

I have not looked yet at the way oof.fs does objects but i was starting to compare mini-oof.fs and objects.fs and oof.fs and found if i make my own objects with each of these library's the oof.fs library causes this issue with vocs command.  objects.fs and mini-oof.fs do not cause any issues that i can see with vocs.  

I thought someone might want to know about this so i am writing now.  Note if this is resolved in a later version of gforth then ignore this message.  Thanks for the hard work so far!  

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From the hand of PKS

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