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Re: [gforth] Setting for text size for the terminal emulator in Android

From: Joel Rees
Subject: Re: [gforth] Setting for text size for the terminal emulator in Android gforth?
Date: Sat, 26 Dec 2015 10:40:07 +0900

On Sat, Dec 26, 2015 at 2:40 AM, Bernd Paysan <address@hidden> wrote:
> Am Freitag, 25. Dezember 2015, 13:01:22 schrieb Joel Rees:
>> I'm getting extremely easy-to-read characters in th terminal emulation
>> since an update last week or the week before. Characters about twice
>> to three times the normal. Would be great on a smaller smartphone, but
>> on the 10 inch tablet, I'd rather have the long lines.
>> Is there a setting somewhere for it?
> There's a setting to increase the size, 1*scale (normal), 2*scale and 4*scale
> (two and 4 times), the default is 1*scale.

Can I ask what file gforth would be reading that from on startup, or
do I get to go hunting on my own? Using the terminalide shell to do

    grep scale *

in site-forth doesn't show me anything that I recognize as an
initialization line. siteinit.fs is empty. android* don't seem to
contain any references to scale, and grep-ing android* for size don't
seem to show me any initializations. (I do see android-video-size, but
that seems to be an event handler?)

Hmm. I see a size being set in touch-event, but that wouldn't be the
size I'm looking for, would it? And I see a size field in
app_input_state, but it looks like part of an event record, so I'm
thinking that's not my wookie, either.

I also tried

    ' size
    ' scale

and both tell me they are not defined, so I'm not seeing how to re-set
these after startup, either.

So I'm looking in the wrong places. Can you give me a hint?

> There's another setting, the value hcols (default: 80) and vcols (default: 48)
> set how wide your lines are, depending on orientation (h for horizontal, v for
> vertical); 128 is the maximum setting.
> E.g.
> 128 to hcols 1*scale
> gives you pretty wide (128 characters) lines in horizontal mode (typical for a
> tablet).

Now, ' hcols gives me a nice address of a constant, but it shows as
80. But my display column width is 48 (counted by the old low-tech
scrape-the-numbers-keys-until-you-hit-the-edge-of-the-screen trick).
So I'm pretty sure overwriting that constant won't do what I want.

Is this maybe some new interaction with the Android library, rather
than a setting that changed somehow?

The tablet is an Acer A200 updated to Android 4.0.3, which is as high
as Acer says they're going to go with the A200.

Joel Rees

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