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[gforth] iOS

From: John Battle
Subject: [gforth] iOS
Date: Wed, 3 Feb 2016 17:51:15 -0800

Why doesn’t someone port gForth or some subset of it to iOS ?  I realize there 
is a “sort of” forth-like application called retro but it is a very poor 
version and to tell the truth, I can’t make it do much of anything useful. 
Worst of all, it does’t really execute statements on the fly the way it is 
advertised to do.  Obviously it is possible to write interpreters under iOS 
nowadays since there are many versions of python, not to mention J, out there 
for the taking.

A good forth needs to either have a specialized keyboard with some extra keys 
and some stack viewing functionality.

I even tried carrying around a raspberry pi for my iPad so I could run forth, 
but that still doesn’t make up for the necessity of having to switch between 
numeric, character and special symbol keyboards all the time.

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