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Question about libcc.fs and finding path of dynamic library

From: Philip Smith
Subject: Question about libcc.fs and finding path of dynamic library
Date: Mon, 9 Mar 2020 14:14:41 -0600

I have some code that needs to run as root.  I was planning to do this via
inetd the super-server and calling the code as root like example inetd.conf

myservice stream tcp nowait root /pathtomycode/mycode.fs mycode.fs -e

This configuration works until i start to use c-library stuff.
The version of Gforth i am using is 0.7.9_20200206

If i first run the code as root from cmd line so the library stuff gets
compiled there is no problem and the library stuff gets put in
/root/.cache/gforth/arm/libcc-tmp path.
Then if i try to use curl to call the code via inetd i get errors telling
me "no such file or directory c-library mylibrary"  .
I know the curl command is calling the code because if i remove the library
from the code i can make this stuff work.
My question is there some work around here to use a fixed path to my
I did some testing using apache web server and i presume it uses www-data
as the user but it generates the same errors so it seems to me that
libcc.fs is trying to find some path that it cant find.
I see the path's used in libcc.fs having something like "~/.cache......" at
the start so i know it is done in that libcc.fs code but it seems to me
that the "~/" should allow the root access of inetd to work and yet it does

I know this is a complex problem and i am asking a lot here but any help
would be appreciated!

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