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Re: Bug report

From: Ethan Gardener
Subject: Re: Bug report
Date: Fri, 10 Jul 2020 20:30:07 +0100
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> >Type a single letter t or T followed by return
> >
> >Gforth freezes
> No, it waits for a TCP connection on port 4444.

If this is the first mention of this, it's obvious no-one but me uses blocked. 
;) T in blocked selects a line and inserts text. The trouble is it's part of 
the editor vocabulary, and I sometimes found the order unexpectedly reset to 
only forth. It doesn't affect me any more because I made my own commands for 
blocked, replacing t in particular, but just thought I'd mention the issue. I 
can understand only wanting to type a single letter on an onscreen keyboard to 
switch the input somewhere else, but I can't help thinking something a little 
longer would be more appropriate and less likely to conflict, perhaps tel .

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